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jsMessage is a Construct 2 plugin that enables sending and receiving messages through jQuery events. You can use it in the free edition as well as all paid editions. The license is totally open so feel free to use it in your commercial or personal projects, etc. No attribution necessary (although always appreciated).



Construct 2



Installation is really easy (drag and drop the c2addon directly onto Construct 2). Here's some more details:

  1. Download the jsMessage.c2addon file from the Downloads page
  2. Launch Construct 2
  3. Drag the jsMessage.c2addon file directly onto the Construct 2 window then click Install:

    Install Message
  4. You will then be prompted to Restart Construct 2. Just click OK:

    C2 Restart Confirmation
  5. Close Construct 2 and relaunch. jsMessage will now be available under the Web section when adding objects to your project:

    Insert jsMessage Object

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